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No Contact Delivery Requests

With the COVID19 outbreak, many restaurants are shifting to No Contact or Contactless Delivery as a way to help ensure the health and safety of the community. Did you know that Let’s Order has a built-in “No Contact Delivery Requests” function? Customers of venues who are on Let’s Order online ordering platform have the ability to request No Contact Deliveries before checkout.

What is a No Contact Delivery?

A No Contact or Contactless Delivery is a delivery where you or the delivery person does not directly hand the food to the customer. The food is placed in a safe, agreed-upon location, then customer is notified by phone or text that the order is ready for collection. 

How do customers request a No Contact Delivery?

Customers may ask for No Contact Delivery when they make the orders via online ordering, third-party apps or phone calls.

With No Contact Delivery, there is no option for the customer to pay in-person. Train your employees to also collect payments over the phone when taking orders. 

On Let’s Order online ordering platform, customers are able to tick “Request No Contact Delivery” prompt upon checkout.

How does the delivery person complete a No Contact Delivery?

First of all, it is vital to properly train staff and delivery person to take extra precautions when it comes to food safety and employee hygiene. Always wear masks and also gloves if possible. 

How do I know if a customer requested a No Contact Delivery from my end?

Immediately after the payment goes through successfully, the customer’s order will pop up on your order screen as well as the kitchen receipt. This allows the kitchen staff and your delivery driver to see the No Contact Delivery request on the order.

Let's Order online ordering Australia restaurant receipt for no contact delivery

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No Contact Delivery Requests
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