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Your Let’s Order Online Ordering System: Next Steps

So now you’ve just set up your online menu with Let’s Order. Congratulations! You have just set up a new way for your customer to reach you. Here are some pointers to help drive customers to your website to place orders.

1. Get Found Online

Your new ordering website needs search visibility that drives hungry customers to place online orders.

If You Have an Existing Website

In the instance where you already have an existing website, make sure to place the link to your ordering page somewhere prominent on the page. If possible, make the link into a button that is accessible on any scroll point.

Search Engine Optimisations (SEO)

Here’s where we get more technical. SEO is the process of making your site discoverable and rank high on search engines such as Google. You can set this up by accessing your admin end of your site https://admin.letsorder.com.au/.

Basic SEO Settings

Under the Settings > Website > SEO section, you can edit your website title and meta description. The title should include your restaurant’s name and meta is the info Google will show on its search listings. Meta allows you to influence the conversion or searches into visits to your website.

Making the SEO section as local as possible is recommended. For example, if your restaurant’s name is Fast Pizza serving wood-fired pizzas in a suburb called Glen Waverley in Melbourne, your title should be “Fast Pizza – Authentic Wood-fired Pizza Glen Waverley Melbourne”. Your meta description should just expand on that with the keyword, locality and cuisine included.

Google My Business (Google Places)

If you have a physical restaurant and you haven’t claimed your restaurant on Google My Business, chances are, your restaurant already exists on Google. This could be listed by someone else, which means the details may be incorrect without you knowing, impacting your restaurant’s credibility. Yes, your competitor can edit your listing on Google My Business. Therefore if you haven’t claimed your restaurant, you need to do this now so you can manage and control your restaurant listing yourself.

Follow this link https://www.google.com.au/business/ to create or manage your listing. Add your opening hours, update your restaurant’s address and do not forget to add an “Order Online” link to your places listing. See the following article on how this can be done https://support.google.com/business/answer/6218037?hl=en.

Submit Your Website to Google, Bing, etc.

Once you have a custom domain, visit https://search.google.com/search-console. Register an account there, add your website, then use the URL Inspection Tool to check your website and submit your website to Google for indexing.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Once you have a custom domain, visit https://search.google.com/search-console. Register an account there, add your website, then use the URL Inspection Tool to check your website and submit your website to Google for indexing.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Post the ordering link on all your social media channels. You may also consider paying for Facebook, Instagram or Google ads to boost your audience reach and gain new customers. If you are unsure how to do this, give Let’s Order team a call on 1300 888 POS for advice.

2. Let Your Existing Customers Know

Your existing customer may not be aware of your new online ordering system yet. Below are a few tactics to help them know that it exists.


Get your existing customers to generate more customers for you! Provide your customers with the best experience possible and they will usually return with more people.

Put your QR code signs up

Put up a sign on your store window or next to the cash register to let your dine-ins know that your restaurant provides contactless ordering and payment. Better yet, display QR codes for takeaway menus, coffee menus, table ordering menus, or any menus that you have for a category. Your customers only need to scan these codes with their camera app and make their order and payment. Unsure how it works? Call Let’s Order team at 1300 888 POS to arrange a demo! 


Hand out cards or flyers when customers make in-store purchases. If you get delivery orders from third-party apps, include the card or flyer in it. Let your customers know that ordering directly from the online menu will be 20-30% more cost-effective for them than ordering through third-party apps.


Let your customers who call in that they can now order online. Include a message on your answering message about your new online ordering system.

Use your in-store receipt

Got some room on your in-store receipt? Include the ordering link on the top or bottom of the receipt and let them aware of your online ordering system.

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Your Let’s Order Online Ordering System: Next Steps
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